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Notes from Mrs Magee

Hi Everyone,


HOME LEARNING activities for Week 5  of Term 3

This week we are counting from      0 - 30 and mentally adding 1 to any number  0 - 10

Please 'click' on the links for:


* Adding on 1 More  song 

1 More  than a number song 

* Counting to 20 song

 * Add 'em  up song 

* Numbers Counting song 

FORMATION - Number 14 is a 1 and a 4  0 - 14 This means you have 10 and 4 more 

THIS OLD MAN SONGS - Number 14 number 14, Witches fly at Halloween - Tra, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, Tra, la, la, la, la, la, la.  Sing this for all the numbers 0 - 14


Use your whiteboard to practise writing the NUMBERS 1 - 14  on your whiteboard - don't forget to start at the top!!!


Use your finger to write  NUMBERS 1 - 14  on your mummy's back.  Don't tell - can mummy/daddy guess the number?


Use your finger to write the NUMBERS  1 - 14  in the air.


Can you make a set of '14' things? - Try to use different things daily if you can (socks, spoons, plastic cups etc...)


REMEMBER - If you are making a set of a number 1 - 6, set it out like a 'dice' number (how it looks on a dice)

TOUCH COUNT - Count each thing in your set by TOUCHING and COUNTING to find the TOTAL

TOUCH, MOVE COUNT - Count each thing by MOVING and COUNTING to find the TOTAL

SUBITISE COUNT - This means to LOOK at the set and KNOW how many by just LOOKING (this is why we set things out l                                  like  a DICE NUMBER - easy to recognise)



This term we will be learning about ADDITION.  

We know our numbers 0 - 10 (maybe even to 20), number BEFORE / AFTER / BETWEEN

Now it's time for 1 MORE.


Make a set of 10.  ADD in 1 MORE.  How many now??  Say - 10 and 1 more makes 11.

Repeat for all the numbers  0 - 11



Go to Page 14 & 15.

Draw 2 MORE bottles on each shelf and write the TOTAL.  

Count on the number line - go on 1 or go on 2.  

Fill in the missing numbers on the snakes.



This term we will be learning about O'clock TIME.  

Talk to your child about important times in the day - morning, lunch, tea, bedtime etc...

Talk to your child about the CLOCK FACE terminology - face, big hand, little hand, numbers, minutes, hours

Use the CLOCK FACE to show O' CLOCK times of the day - 9 O'clock (big hand points to 12, little hand points to 9)

Repeat for all other times of the day.



This term we will be learning about LONG / LONGER / LONGEST

                                                   SHORT / SHORTER / SHORTEST

                                    TALL / TALLER / TALLEST

                                    BIG / BIGGER / BIGGEST

                                    SMALL / SMALLER / SMALLEST

When you are out on your daily exercise look all around you to look for examples of the above measures

e.g.  worm (long) - path (longer) - road (longest)

e.g.  hand - ask your child to 'Find something LONGER / SHORTER etc...'




MONDAY  --> My Number Book - This book is to help consolidate what we already know.

                                                                                    Match the numbers to the eggs in nest / birds. Colour.   


TUESDAY --> TSD BOOK - How many?  Count.  Write numeral.  Colour.


Wednesday  --> My Number Book - Match the numbers to the caterpillars / butterflies.  Colour.


THURSDAY --> TSD BOOK - Draw the hands on each clock.  Draw the LONG hand in black

                                                             Draw the SHORT hand in blue.  Show these times on your CLOCK FACE.   


Encourage your child to design a pattern on their whiteboard using 3 Colours and a repeat .  Change the colours used each day.


 yellow - yellow - redblue - yellow - yellow - red - blue - yellow - yellow 


 blue - blue - green - red - blue - blue - green - red - blue - blue - green