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Notes from Mrs Magee

Hi Everyone,


A new of HOME LEARNING activities for week 5

This week our new sound / letter is qu  This is known as a blend sound - 2 letters that together make  1 sound

Please 'click' on the links for:

* Mr Thorne - episode qu

* Let's get Squiggling - qu

* Letter qu songs.

Letter qu is a TAILS letter that goes below the line for q and u sits on the line.

Letter 'q' is just like number 9 and u is the same as before.


Use your whiteboard to practise writing the letter qu on your whiteboard - don't forget to start at the top!!!


Use your finger to write the letter qu on your mummy's back.


Use your finger to write the letter qu in the air.


Look for things that have the qu sound around your house - can you make a set of 'qu things?



MONDAY --> Say the qu sound.  Say each word.  Match the pictures that begin with the qu sound to the big qu.


WEDNESDAY --> Condolidation of letters qu, y and   w  Please colour and write letters beside each picture.


Can you write these CVC words on your whiteboard??


win - wig - wit - wag - yam - yak - yo-yo