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Say 'C H E E S E'

On Week 1 we shared our RAINBOWS.

On Week 2 we spread the SUNSHINE.

On Week 3 we spread our EASTER PICTURES.

On Week 4 we spread our SHOOTING STARS.

On Week 5 we spread our ANIMALS.

On Week 6 we spread our FLOWERS.

On Week 7 we spread our FAVOURITE FOOD.

On Week 8 we spread our FAVOURITE BREAKFAST.

So.… for Week 9 - take a photo of your SILLY FACE 

(make the SILLIEST FACE you can!!!) 


Be sure to send it to me -


'SAYING HI' - Keep taking photos of what you are up to and send them as a way of keeping in touch 


'FLOAT YOUR BOAT' - Make a boat with TINFOIL - how many pennies can you put in it before it sinks?  Count carefully. (Example photo given)


'CARE FRIDAYS ' - Look at the CARE Activity sheet.  Choose an activity from

(Artistic).  Take a photo of you doing your activity and send it to me! 


And keep sending me in your EVERYDAY photos OR video clips - it is really, really keeping you all in touch and really, really keeping

Mrs Magee smiling.  Xx