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Say 'Cheese'

On Week 1 we shared our RAINBOWS.

On Week 2 we spread the SUNSHINE.

On Week 3 we spread our EASTER PICTURES.

On Week 4 we spread our SHOOTING STARS.

On Week 5 we spread our ANIMALS.

On Week 6 we spread our FLOWERS.

On Week 7 we spread our FAVOURITE FOOD.

On Week 8 we spread our FAVOURITE BREAKFAST.

On Week 9 we spread our SILLY FACE.

On Week 10 we put on a  HAT.

On Week 11 we took a photo of  GIVING A FAMILY MEMBER A HUG.

So.… for Week 12 - our last week please send me a  DOUBLE THUMBS UP


Be sure to send it to me -



'SAYING HI' - It's the last of our P1 'Saying Hi' photos so GIVE IT LOADS


The photos you have sent in for each challenge have meant we have managed to keep our Primary 1 class as together as we could and each picture told the story of the AMAZING work your parents have been doing as your

'home teachers' - a MASSIVE clap for both children and parents. 

You really have been fantastic to work along with.  I will miss you all.

Mrs Magee  Xx