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Weekly notes


Poems are wonderful for shared reading, providing  an introduction to humour in writing and exploring opportunities to use our imagination. Our shared text today is a poem called Catch a Little Rhyme. Listen for the rhyming words at the end of each sentence.  Complete Catch your own little rhyme. Recap on rhyming words by playing the game saved in Internet Links.




Shared text today is A Den For All Seasons. Discuss the poet's experiences within the den.

Highlight that each verse describes changes from each season.

Identify the seasonal words.

Remember to listen out for the rhyming words at the end of the sentence. 

Complete the task My secret den.



Read the weather poem Rain  and listen out for rhyming words.

Read the words together and notice the spelling and how they rhyme.

Complete Weather Words activity. Write some rhyming words for each type of weather.



Shared text : My Five Senses

We are identifying how we use our senses.

Read the question and ask your child to draw and record their answer on the activity 'Using my senses'.