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Mental Maths

know doubles to ten  : 2+2=  3+3=  4+4=  5+5=  6+6  7+7=  8+8=  9+9=  10+10=

know components of 10 : 0+10= 1+9=   2+8=  3+7=  4+6=  5+5=  6+4=  7+3=  8+2=  9+1= 10+0=

find what must be added to a number to make 10 :  Mrs Quinn made ten cup cakes on Monday evening. Six were chocolate chip and the rest were plain. How many plain cup cakes did Mrs Quinn make? Have fun making up your own word problems! 



Demonstrate value of any number within 100 

Complete the number activities Mon /Tues /Wed 



Organise the recording of data in tables and display information on block graphs including graphs including labels and titles.

Discuss the information shown and draw conclusions

Activity 1 : Complete task on birds which Sally drew on her sheet.  Extension - while on your daily mile record the number of different types of birds you see and record on a table.

Activity 2 : Complete the task answering the questions on the block graph. Extension - Make your own survey of your family's favourite ice cream and create a block graph. Remember to label and write a title!