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The P4 WAU project involved creating a Bug Hotel . Children brought in natural materials to help design their hotel.

A problem arose when children highlighted that it would be difficult for a class to view the bugs under a log.

We asked a local carpenter to create drawers for our pallots.

We recycled old pallots to make our Bug Hotel.


Parents & kids we need your help!

P1 planted hyacinth bulbs so they would create lovely scent in our hallway linking with our sense of smell.

P3 planted crocus bulbs in the corner planting areas at the front of the school using the sense of sight to attract insects to our yard.

P4 planted daffodils to create a pathway of colour at the front of the school linking with our sense of colour.


We took part in the Big Schools Bird watch!
RSPB visited P3 to carry out a workshop on the reintroduction of the Red Kite into Castlewellan forest park.