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COUNTING BOOK Photo Challenge

This week your photo challenge is to send in a photo of:


Why don't you cuddle your favourite teddy too.  Mmmmhmmmm.

Thomas loves to listen to the COUNTING BOOK 10 Little Dinosaurs with Sonic

Annie and her little bro Malachy love this COUNTING STORY BOOK with Rudolph the Reindeer teddy.

Jalen and Malachi love to listen to COUNTING STORY BOOKS - it sends them to SLEEP zzzzzzzzz

Katie and her favourite COUTING book - 1, 2, 3 Splosh which she listens to with her favourite unicorn.

There was no doubt Roary had COUNTING BOOKS - counting is his favourite thing!!

Ayla just loves COUNTING story books. She even has a Christmas Counting Book

Conor listens to COUNTING STORY BOOKS with his favourite teddy THE GRUFFALO

A COUNTING BOOK way up to 100 for Sean - and what a soft blanket too. MMMmmmmmm!!

COUNTING BOOK and D I N O S A U R S - what a combination!!

This is Fianna's favourite COUNTING BOOK - it's got F A I R I E S in it.

Anna Rose looks very happy with her 3 LITTLE PIGS choice of COUNTING BOOK.