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P6 used trundle wheels and metre sticks to measure Titanic's width and 1/4 of its length.

We had great fun playing and investigating number patterns using dominoes!

During Play Based Learning we painted fish patterns influenced by the artist 'Shawn Ardoin'.

P1 had fun measuring the size of our hands and feet today using skittles

In P.2 we enjoyed putting vehicles in order from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest.

P4 created Rangoli patterns using numicon. First they recreated a given pattern, next then they made their pattern with the numicon. Following on from these practical activities they then created their own patterns on paper. Well done P4!

P5 made paper airplanes with patterns and symmetry on them. We then flew them in the hall and measured how far they flew using metre rulers.

P7 investigated how far they could make an A4 sheet of paper reach. Well done Caitlin in achieving 17.87m!!